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At Mbt Lawyers, our team of family law experts is dedicated to helping you through the separation process. Our lawyers understand it is difficult for couples considering the end of a marriage or relationship. Therefore, we aim to provide you with the best legal advice and support to aid in your decision-making.

Expert Lawyers – Separation Advice

When considering whether to end a marriage or relationship, it is crucial to understand the legal and financial implications and responsibilities that will flow from a separation. It is often very useful to obtain expert confidential legal advice regarding your rights and obligations before you decide to separate.

Our team of expert family lawyers can help you assess the separation process legally. Moreover, we will provide you with vital information on property division, parenting arrangements and spousal or child support payments, as well as any other matters relating to the separation.

Family Dispute Resolution and Negotiation

We understand that relationships and marriages can be complex and fraught with emotion. Therefore, where possible, we try to assist our clients in negotiating a resolution outside of the Family Court. We achieve resolution through mediation, negotiation, informal settlement meetings and collaborative law. Our experienced family lawyers will work with you to find a solution that suits your situation.

What to Consider When Separating

If you are considering the end of your marriage or relationship, there are a few things you should consider. Firstly, think about how you will manage financially. This includes working out how much money you will need to support yourself and any dependents and how you will divide any assets and debts. Secondly, consider the arrangements for any children, such as living and parenting arrangements and child support payments. Finally, think about your emotional well-being. It is essential you also look after yourself emotionally. So, consider reaching out to a counsellor or therapist to help you through this process.

Court Representation

Should a resolution outside of court not be possible, our separation lawyers can provide representation in any court proceedings. Plus, we will ensure that all legal matters are addressed and that you receive the best possible outcome for your needs.

Contact us today to discuss your situation and find out how our separation lawyers can help. Call 02 6648 7600 (Coffs Harbour) or 02 6648 7666 (Grafton) or use our online contact form.

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