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Public Notary Coffs Harbour & Grafton

As part of our expert legal services, we offer a range of Public Notary services to help our clients with all their legal needs.

What is a Public Notary?

A Public Notary is an official authorised by the state to witness and certify documents. Documents include deeds, affidavits, powers of attorney, and contracts. In addition, a Public Notary can also authenticate the identity and signatures of those involved in the document. This ensures that all documents are legally valid and binding.

Services Offered by our Public Notary Coffs Harbour & Grafton

Services include:

• Document authentication and certification
• Witnessing and attesting signatures
• Administering oaths and affirmations
• Drafting powers of attorney
• Proving copies of documents
• Legalising documents for foreign use

Notarial Certificate Coffs Harbour & Grafton

A Notarial Certificate is issued by a qualified and licensed Notary Public. This document provides proof of the signer’s identity, the validity of their signature, and the document’s authenticity. With a Notarial Certificate, you can be assured that any document signed has been checked for accuracy and authenticity, and the signer’s identity has been verified. Therefore, it is an essential document for businesses, organisations, and individuals when dealing with legal matters or contracts. In addition, a Notary Public is a reliable third-party witness that can offer an added layer of assurance for any important document.

Mbt Lawyers Public Notary Coffs Harbour

Our highly experienced Public Notary in Coffs Harbour is here to provide support and advice when needed. Our Public Notary services are available via Coffs Harbour and Grafton offices.

If you are looking for a knowledgeable and skilled Public Notary in Coffs Harbour or Grafton, contact us today to discuss how we can help you.
Call 02 6648 7600 (Coffs Harbour) or 02 6648 7666 (Grafton) or use our online contact form.

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