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Mbt Lawyers, based in Coffs Harbour, provides legal advice and representation for clients in matters relating to the New South Wales Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT).

Expert Advice

Our experienced team of lawyers advises how best to approach NCAT proceedings to ensure you reach the best possible outcome for your case. With a wealth of experience in NCAT proceedings, we can confidently navigate the legal system on your behalf.

Comprehensive Representation

Our team will work with you when the time comes to ensure complete and thorough representation in NCAT. Our lawyers will craft the best arguments and evidence to support your case. So, our lawyers are ready to represent your case in customary law, residential tenancy, guardianship, or another area.

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For more information on the NCAT representation services provided by Mbt Lawyers, contact our team in Coffs Harbour today. We aim to provide efficient and reliable legal representation for all our clients.

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