Debt Recovery

Debt Recovery

Debt Recovery Services

Welcome to Mbt Lawyers, where we provide professional debt recovery advice and services to our clients throughout the Coffs Harbour and Grafton region. Our team of experienced solicitors and legal advisors is here to ensure that your debt recovery process is handled efficiently and effectively.

What is Debt Recovery?

Debt recovery is when a creditor attempts to collect an outstanding debt from a debtor who has failed to make payments as agreed. Consequently, the creditor may hire a debt recovery agency or solicitor to recover these unpaid funds. We can assist our clients with their debt recovery needs at Mbt Lawyers. Plus, our team of experienced solicitors and legal advisors can help negotiate payment arrangements and manage debt recovery processes. This includes drafting letters of demand, issuing court proceedings, and pursuing debt collection through the court system.

Benefits of Using Mbt Lawyers for Debt Recovery

At Mbt Lawyers, we understand that debt recovery can be a stressful process. But, rest assured, our team of solicitors are here to ensure your debt recovery needs are handled professionally and promptly. So, when you hire Mbt Lawyers, you can expect multiple benefits, such as:

• Expert advice – Our experienced solicitors provide cost-effective and timely advice to ensure your debt recovery process is handled efficiently.
• Negotiation – Our legal experts strive to provide favourable results to both the debtor and the creditor.
• Experienced Representation – Our legal advisors understand the debt recovery process and can provide advice and represent our clients in and out of court.
• Cost Effective – Unlike engaging a debt recovery agency, our legal fees are competitive, and our services are tailored to your individual needs.

Contact Mbt Lawyers for Debt Recovery Services

If you are based in Coffs Harbour or the Grafton area and require assistance with debt recovery, contact Mbt Lawyers. Our team of experienced solicitors and legal advisors are here to provide you with the expert advice and guidance you need.

Call 02 6648 7600 (Coffs Harbour) or 02 6648 7666 (Grafton) or use our online contact form today.

Your Law Specialists

Bill Langler

Bill Langler is a Partner at Mbt Lawyers and is our Court warrior in all Personal Compensation, Commercial Litigation, Personal Injury, Workers Compensation (WIRO ILARS accredited legal provider), Debt Recovery, General Litigation, Dispute Resolution, Employment Law and Planning & Environment Law matters.

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Tom Marsden
Stacey Price

Stacey Price is our much beloved Lawyer Partner who has been a dynamic part of the Coffs Harbour Conveyancing Services and Mbt Lawyers family since 2002. Stacey hails from Wallangarra, Qld before later bridging to NSW from the Queensland dark side.

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Jon Lowe
Senior Lawyer

Jonathan is a Senior Lawyer and Accredited Specialist in Business Law. Jonathan grew up in…

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