February 18, 2019

Happy 8th year Mbt anniversary to our Glenda Tolhurst! 🎊🎊

We thought now would be an opportune time to re-introduce our lovely accounts teammate and tell you a little about her.
A North Coast local from the tender age of 1 year old, Glenda has lived all over the Coffs Coast, finally settling down in good ol’ Coffs Harbour. In later years Glenda moved to WA for a short while where she worked in a tavern and learned our most valuable life skill – how to pour a beer properly.
Prior to joining our winning team at Mbt in February 2011, Glenda worked in an accounting office as a receptionist and in real estate as a receptionist and property manager. We’re lucky to now have Glenda running our accounts department with all the precision of a military General, making sure we’re never in the red.
We’re told the highlight of Glenda’s career was serving Marc Hunter from Dragon (we had to Google him too – he’s a NZ rock & pop singer) during her high school job at Woolworths. After an experience like that, Glenda’s career accomplishments were just frosting 🙂
A die-hard puppy fan, Glenda’s new puppy recently graduated from Puppy Preschool and her spare time is filled with playful puppy games and continuing her training 🐾

If you see Glenda today, please be sure to say hello!

02 6648 7600