October 6, 2016
Do you live in a strata complex?
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Every strata complex has a set of by-laws which all owners, occupiers and guests must adhere to.

The by-laws are basically a set of rules which tell everyone what they can and cannot do within the common property of the complex.  They include such things as the behaviour of your guests, car parking and in some instances the hanging of your washing.

Some Lots have the exclusive use of certain areas of the common property.  This is achieved through a legal process of seeking the approval of the owners corporation and registration of an exclusive use by-law.

By-laws can vary greatly from complex to complex so it is very important that you are familiar with what by-laws apply to you.  Generally you will be given a copy of the by-laws as a part of the Contract when you purchase the property or you can obtain a copy of the strata manager.

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