December 19, 2017

Do you have a Enduring Guardianship?

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An Enduring Guardianship is the only legally binding document in NSW which provides authority to a person or persons you trust to make medical and lifestyle decisions for you if you are partly or wholly incapable.

An Enduring Guardianship will only ever have effect if you do not have sufficient capacity to understand the decision you may be asked to make, whether due to mental and/or physical incapacity, whether of a finite or a permanent nature.

It is a safety net document and often works hand in hand with a Power of Attorney where financial and lifestyle needs overlap such as with moving into assisted living situations.

An Enduring Guardianship must be made while you are capable of making decisions and are a good way of planning ahead for the future.

In the event you do not have an Enduring Guardianship and cannot make those decisions for yourself, the NSW Guardianship Tribunal may need to be approached to appoint someone at their discretion or appoint a government official to act as your guardian.

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