June 14, 2018

Meet our Family Law Legal Assistant, Rebekah Russell!


Bek was born in Cowra, raised and schooled in Inverell (the home of Sapphires and top notch clothing boutiques 😉 ), polished in the Big Smoke of Sydney where she trained and worked as a beauty therapist before Coffs Harbour became home in 1999.


Self-employed from 2002 to 2010, during this time Bek welcomed her 3 beautiful children. It was after welcoming her third child that Bek realised she had too much time on her hands and decided to go back to university where she started her Bachelor of Law.


When asked about her out-of-work hobbies, Bek said “Can my hobbies include running around after kids?”. Fair question when working 4 days a week, studying law and raising 3 kids! Bek’s other hobbies include cooking, is often found baking as a form of procrastinating assignments (Mbt Lawyers is most appreciative of this hobby – yum!) and loves having friends over on the weekend to share a meal or a cheese platter and a bottle of wine. When can we come around? 😉


Mbt Lawyers was lucky to add Bek to our Family Law team in January 2016 and we are excited to say that Bek’s final exam to complete her law degree is on today, 14 June 2018! We anticipate much wine and celebration tonight. An anticipatory huge CONGRATULATIONS for completing such a massive undertaking Bek xx

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